Why Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks forfeited their Round 2 picks in 2022 NBA Draft

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The NBA Draft is a two-round affair, generally where each team has two picks apiece, resulting in 60 picks. This year's draft, however, is going to be slightly shortened. On Thursday, only 58 players will come off the board by the time the process is over.

That's because two prominent teams in the Eastern Conference -- the Bucks and the Heat -- had to forfeit their second-round picks in this year's NBA Draft. Why? More on that in a moment.

This marks the first draft since 2004 with fewer than 60 picks, after the Timberwolves conceded a pick for illegally contacting Joe Smith.

The Bucks and Heat had similar dealings during delayed free agency periods, which led to the league revoking second-round picks.

Why did the Bucks lose a second round NBA Draft pick?

The Bucks were forced to forfeit a second-round pick this year for an illegal sign-and-trade with the Kings for Bogdan Bogdanovic. During the delayed free agency period before the 2020-21 season, Bogdanovic was a part of a trade that occurred on Nov. 17 when free agency wasn't to start until Nov. 20.

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The NBA investigated how the deal occurred, and found the Bucks jumped the gun in talking to Bogdanovic. To add insult to injury, the trade ultimately fell through, leaving the Bucks with a voided pick and nothing to show for it.

Why did the Heat lose a second round NBA Draft pick?

The Heat also engaged in some shenanigans during a delayed free agency period, albeit more successfully. NBA free agency didn't begin until Aug. 2 last season. It had hardly commenced when Kyle Lowry was announced to Miami, slamming the door on one of the more pervasive questions of the offseason.

The NBA didn't do anything to void Lowry's deal and he was able to sign without issue, but the Heat were eventually stripped of their second-rounder.

Both teams will have a pick in this year's draft, both in the first round. The Bucks select 24th and the Heat pick 27th.