Grasshoppers swarmed in 1870s, leaving Minnesota farmers destitute

The grasshopper plague devastated the state for four years, gobbling up a half-million acres of wheat, corn, oats and barley.

The worst appears over for bird flu in Minnesota poultry operations

May 19
The spread of the virus that's claimed nearly 38 million birds nationwide has slowed substantially in May.

Only 35% of Minnesota's corn crop has been planted. That's about half the five-year average.

May 17
Minnesota agricultural commodities — from sugar beets to wheat to soybeans — all dramatically trail previous benchmarks for crop progress as of mid-May.

They may not look like it, but farmers markets are struggling in Minneapolis

A farmers market in northeast Minneapolis is having difficulty raising funds. Another is taking the year off.
May 21

The summer Minnesota's wells dried up

The extreme drought of 2021 brought a record drawdown in private wells — often exacerbated by agricultural irrigators — pitting neighbors against one another in rural pockets of the state's western edge.
May 16

Minnesota's wheat growers stare down soggy fields as planting deadline ticks closer

Minnesota farmers might be receiving record-breaking prices at market this year for wheat, but many are anxious for warm weather to dry out sloppy fields from a wet spring.
May 14

Black Americans are acutely underrepresented in farming; Cargill is working to change that

The agribusiness is attempting to bring more minority farmers into the supply chain through price premiums and new market opportunities in hopes of reversing historical discrimination.
May 10

With sunny prices, waterlogged Minnesota farmers hopeful for sunflowers this season

Ukraine and Russia produce roughly half of the world's annual crop of sunflowers. Without their usual harvest, some sunflower farmers in the Dakotas and Minnesota see record-breaking prices.
May 4

Price of fertilizer on the steep rise — farmers unsure who, what's to blame

Farming — like all industries — has not been immune to rising prices this year. The concentration of fertilizer producers has left many crop farmers feeling squeezed.
May 3

Wet, cold spring keeps farmers out of fields across Minnesota

A weekly crop report from the USDA shows Minnesota farmers are behind on planting season as wet, dreary weather persists.
April 30

Despite COP26 promises, deforestation spreads

Brazil had the largest share of tree loss last year, followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo and Bolivia, as landowners make forests into agricultural land.
April 30

Locally raised halal meat presents new opportunities for Minnesota producers

Most halal goat meat now comes frozen from Australia and New Zealand, but there's an effort afoot to create a fresh, local supply.
April 29

Fight over tree fund sticking point in Minnesota Legislature's dueling drought bills

House Democrats want to spend $13 million to replace shade trees lost to drought, as well as millions in grants and loans to farmers and ranchers. Senate Republicans are balking.
April 27

Minnesota beef growers split on proposed federal rules on slaughterhouses

Ag committees in both U.S. chambers held hearings this week on legislation aimed at bringing transparency to sales of beef cattle between growers and processing facilities.
April 26

FFA convention held in person for first time since 2019

The youth educational and agriculture organization drew 3,500 Minnesota high school students to the Twin Cities for three days of speeches, connections and competitions.
April 25

Despite corn topping decade-high $8 a bushel, some Minnesota farmers still wary

Corn has hit prices in April not seen in a decade, but that hasn't yet translated to easing anxiety for producers who also see rising costs for planting and harvesting that crop.
April 23

How a Minnesota ag firm is helping Ukrainian farmers plant in war-scarred fields

EarthDaily Agro, a Maple Grove-based precision agriculture company, is providing Ukrainian farmers vital mapping data in order to sow fields and stave off food insecurity.
April 20

Sen. Tina Smith opens discussions with Minnesota farmers ahead of farm bill talks

The senator visited ag representatives at the Minnesota Corn Growers Association ahead of political negotiations on the once-every-five-years renewal of the nation's farm and food policy bill.
April 14

Woman at Timberwolves game protests bird-flu deaths at Taylor company

The woman was removed from Target Center after she tried to glue her hand to the basketball court Tuesday night.
April 6

CHS wraps up profitable quarter as war in Ukraine unsettles key energy and grain segments

The Minnesota agricultural firm's second quarter ended before the effects of the conflict could be felt. Improved energy demand, commodity and fertilizer prices drove CHS profits in the first months of 2022.
April 6

Bird flu reaches 1 million turkeys in Minnesota: Here's what you need to know

The poultry industry, regulators and politicians have repeatedly assured consumers it is not a food safety issue. But bird viruses do, however, have the potential to do economic damage.
April 5

For the second year, Minnesota farmers saw profitability improve in 2021

Adjusted for inflation, last year was the second-most-profitable on record. It was also the second straight year of improved profitability for the state's farmers after seven years of barely breaking even.
April 5

Minnesota pork producers eye 40% greenhouse gas reduction by end of decade

A new report provides a model for sustainability practices in the nation's second-leading pork-producing state.