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Infosys holds it’s InfyTQ certification exam for 3rd students every year. I cleared the certification round, it had 20 MCQs and 2 coding problems of… Read More
Infosys is an Indian MNC information technology company that provides business consulting, providing services. It was founded in Pune on 2 July 1981. N.r… Narayana… Read More
I will be sharing my experience with some tips for attending the InfyTQ Exam 2022 batch About the InfyTQ Exam:  Upon clearing the examination, the… Read More
Round 1(Qualifying Round): The first round consists of MCQs of 10 Aptitude Questions, 10 DBMS (Database Management System) Questions, and 20 Programming questions related to… Read More
After clearing qualifying round and final round of infytq certification exam, I was interviewed for system engineer role. You will get mail 48 hours prior… Read More
As Interviews are going on now for Infytq candidates I am writing only my Interview Experience held on 7 July, 2021: Technical Questions:- Tell me… Read More
Hello Everyone, I cracked  InfyTQ Exam 2021 So  In this particular post, I share my InfyTQ Certification Exam & Interview Experience.  First, I thank GeeksforGeeks… Read More
Placement Season is here. I was in my 6th semester when the news Infosys off-campus hiring exam broke. Although INFYTQ is a certification exam Infosys… Read More
Round 1(MCQs): MCQs round consists of 40 MCQ questions from topics like DBMS, OOPs, Python or java language(you can choose anyone) and aptitude, Level of… Read More
PHASE 1: MCQ In February  This was the MCQs test phase – DBMS, python/java questions. I cleared the round easily. PHASE 2: Coding in June… Read More
Hello Everyone, I am here to share my experience with my InfyTQ journey. InfyTQ is a certification exam which also offers placement opportunity. I was… Read More
Hello Everyone, I am here to share my InfyTQ selection Process Experience with you all. So, Basically, this Exam is divided into 3 rounds. Round… Read More
Infosys hires through 3 ways for freshers. I applied for infytq in January. There are 3 rounds for selection through infytq. We had our first… Read More
InfyTQ Certification: The certification consists of three rounds. Qualifier Round Coding Round Pre-Placement Interview Round 1(Qualifier Round): My exam slot was on Feb 23rd. I… Read More
Like every year, this year also, Infosys comes with their certification program by which we get an ample opportunity to work at a various post… Read More

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