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Online Assessment: There was an online coding assessment in which you had two solve 2 coding questions in 70 min followed by behavioral pattern questions… Read More
I had applied on the amazon career site around 50+ times but never heard back from their side, fine day I got a mail from… Read More
Online Assessment (Jan 26, 2022): There were two coding questions. The first one was based on a prefix-sum and the second one was based on… Read More
I have around 2 years of experience. I was approached by the recruiter on Instahyre and I was getting interviewed for AWS as an SDE-1.… Read More
Online Screening round(Jan 2022): There was an online coding assessment in which you had two solve 2 coding questions in 70 min followed by behavioral… Read More
Round 1: It was an online assessment. I don’t remember the questions exactly but they were medium array questions. Round 2(Technical Interview): Two coding questions… Read More
Pattern: Given in September 2021(don’t lose hope. I got to interview 5 months after OA). 2 LC medium, behavioral questions, SDE simulation. 3 1-hour interviews(on… Read More
Online round: This round consisted of 7 easy debugging questions, 2 coding questions, a lot of behavioral questions, and mathematical aptitude questions. The coding questions… Read More
Given a binary matrix mat[][] of size N*M, find the maximum size rectangle binary-sub-matrix with all 1’s.  Examples: Input: mat[][] = { {0, 1, 1,… Read More
Online Round: There were two coding questions with time complexity analysis. Similar to nearest K coordinates from Origin. (Heap) In the end there were… Read More
Online round(Oct 2021): There were 4 questions, 2 coding questions along with their algorithm with space and time complexity. Both coding questions were on the… Read More
Online Round (Sept 2021): Two coding questions, both were Easy-Medium Level (Don’t remember the questions). I had to write the coding approach also along with… Read More
Round 1(Online assessment): Consisted of 2 coding questions along with a code explanation for each. In code explanation, you need to explain your approach and… Read More
Round 1 (Phone Screening): It was a screening round to gauge my resume and also check if I was worth the further interview process for… Read More
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service(ECS), is a fully managed service that you can use to run Kubernetes on Amazon Web Service. Kubernetes is open-source software that… Read More

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