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Coding Ninjas Interview Experience for Full-Stack Developer (Off-Campus) 2022

  • Last Updated :13 May, 2022

Round 1(Virtual Technical Interview)

The interviewer started by asking me to introduce myself. I mentioned my background, technical skills, projects I had done, and internships I’d done. I also mentioned my career objectives and which programming languages I was comfortable in. I had mentioned having worked on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, ReactJs, Linux, and MySQL and that I was going to learn Core Java and Springboot at Cognizant next. Throughout the interview, I wasn’t asked any questions on DSA at all considering it was a Full-Stack Developer role. He asked me the given questions (not strictly in order)

  1. Where I was currently interning (in my case, I was a programmer analyst intern at Cognizant) and what was my job role, and what tech stack I was learning or working on. 
  2. What is the REST API?
  3. Explain MVC Architecture 
  4. Explain SSR
  5. What are the different kinds of Software Development models?
  6. Explain the Waterwall model.
  7. Explain the Agile and Iterative model. Differentiate between them.
  8. Primary Key, Unique Key. Differentiate between them.
  9. Indexing in Database and its disadvantages
  10. Git and Github. What is Github used for? Why not just use a Google doc?
  11. Asked me a few commands in Git like adding a file, committing a file, pushing it into a repo, etc. 
  12. Next, he opened up a page on the coding ninja’s website and asked me how would I implement it in React. He wanted to know the different components I’d create and how would I link the different pages together. He asked me to select any three tags together and then asked how would the changes be made using React and if the page refreshed, the tags must stay selected. He asked me to tell him more than 1 approach to achieve this. 
  13. He then asked me to rate myself on MySQL and asked me to write 2 queries shared on a Google Doc. One of the queries required an inner join + sub-query and the other required the use of some aggregate functions and group by clause. 
  14. At last, he asked me if I had any questions for him and I asked him to tell me if I had answered the queries correctly or not and if there was a better way to do it. 
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