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Category Archives: Algorithms

Data structure and algorithms are an integral part of computer science. All the enthusiasts, at some point in time, learn these two important topics. They… Read More
Given a positive number N, and a digit X, the task is to find the largest possible number by deleting one occurrence of X from… Read More
Given an integer N, the task is to find the minimum number of divisions required to reduce the number to 1 when the divisions follow… Read More
Given integer N and K, denoting the number of teams participating in a football tournament where each team plays only one match with each other… Read More
Given an array arr[] containing N email addresses with different domains, the task is to find the unique domains and their frequencies from the list… Read More
Given two arrays A[] and B[] (B[i] < A[i]) of size N each and an integer K, the task is to perform the operation of… Read More
Given two integers N and M, the task is to generate any N * M sized maze containing only 0 (representing a wall) and 1… Read More
Given an array arr[] of N strings, and Q queries where each of the queries contains some characters, the task is to check if for… Read More
Given a binary array arr[] of size N which is starting from index 0, the task is to reach the end of the array in… Read More
Construct a string that contains a times letter ‘A’ and b times letter ‘B’ (a > b) such that the maximum continuous occurrence of a… Read More
For a given matrix before[][], the corresponding cell (x, y) of the after[][] matrix is calculated as follows:  res = 0;for(i = 0; i <=… Read More
Given a sorted integer array traveldays[] represents the days of a year one must travel, and two arrays cost[] and span[] array of size 3… Read More
Prerequisite: What is Z-transform?  A z-Transform is important for analyzing discrete signals and systems. In this article, we will see the properties of z-Transforms. These… Read More
In the journey of programming, every programmer comes across a point where they want to solve a problem in a more efficient way. While finding… Read More
Given a Binary tree, the task is to print the outer cone layer i.e. combination of layers formed by moving only through the left child… Read More

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