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GblogSDE SHEET – A Complete Guide for SDE Preparation
What is SDE Sheet? SDE Sheet is a list of the most important topics or the most popular questions that are asked in the Software… Read More
Spring is the season that is known for fresh leaves, new flowers, and joy which makes our minds more creative. Do you know there is… Read More
Web development is evolving rapidly, so it is essential to focus on IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). Having a good knowledge of IDEs can take your… Read More
Tips for Interview: Practice at least(easy and medium questions from leetcode under(Top Interview Questions)) or all the questions from Gfg under(must do coding questions for… Read More
Coding test (Platform: Hacker Rank/ Proctored) 3 Coding questions (1.5hr): Sorting of structs based. Graph (DFS and connected components based) (This was a nice one).… Read More
Round 1: Coding question: Modification: They just asked to tell the maximum number at that time. I gave an approach that used sorting and… Read More
Coding test (Platform: Hacker Rank/Non–Proctored) Sections: General Aptitude Coding MCQs 2 Coding questions All sections were time-bound and if you jump ahead in sections, you… Read More
Be comfortable with writing code on Notepad (Whiteboard in offline interviews) as the use of any editor was not allowed. Go from brute force to… Read More
Coding test (Platform: Mettl / Highly – Proctored): Coding questions (1.5 hr): Fibonacci type question. Euler totient function (without using sieve). Mean/mode/ median of array.… Read More
Round 1: They said so you are proficient In C++. So, where do you rate yourself in C++ on a scale of 10? What is… Read More
CESC visited our campus to hire pre-final year students(2023 Batch) for internships under the Unmesh program. The Electrical, mechanical, and power department was allowed to… Read More
Given three integers N, X, Y, and an array arr[] of size N, the task is to find the count of subarrays having at least… Read More
A binary tree is a tree that has at most two children for any of its nodes. There are several types of binary trees. To… Read More
Geek is a big fan of the Soccer League. Recently he has got a document containing the scores of all the matches played in the… Read More
String is a data structure that is similar to the array data structure in terms of representation, and implementation but in strings, we store a… Read More
Given a non-negative integer N, the task is to find the square root of N using bitwise operations. If the integer is not the perfect… Read More
TCS NQT Exam: After clearing the NQT Test of TCS with 86 percentile, I got shortlisted for the Ninja profile. Technical Interview: In the technical,… Read More

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