Berserk Cosplay Focuses on Casca For Series Comeback

Berserk is back, with two new chapters arriving within the pages of Young Animal that continue the story of Guts and the remnants of the Band of the Hawk. While many fans are celebrating Kouji Mori and Studio Gaga bringing back the story of Berserk following the tragic passing of creator Kentaro Miura, one cosplayer has taken the opportunity to share cosplay that brings an older version of Casca back into the limelight before the Eclipse did some serious damage to her mind.   

Following the devastating events of the Eclipse, Casca had effectively lost her mind, journeying alongside Guts in a child-like state as she had completely lost her ability to not just wield a sword, but use her reasoning for the most part. In Elfheim however, Guts and his crew were able to do the impossible and restore Casca's sanity, though she is far from being out of the woods at this point. In the latest chapters, Casca is unfortunately swept up in the return of Griffith, with the brand of the Godhand still on her body and causing her some serious pain as a result of Femto arriving on the magical island.

Instagram Cosplayer Aqueha shared this fresh new take on one of the strongest soldiers of the Band of the Hawk, with Casca continuing to be torn between the dreams of two of the most important men in her life in Guts and Griffith: 

Currently, no plans have been revealed when it comes to a new anime project within the world of the Band of the Hawk, though this year will see the return of the three Berserk films telling the tale of the Golden Age Arc in Japan. With the previous anime series ending in 2017, there is still plenty of material from the manga that have yet to be brought into the medium of animation and we can imagine that there are a few fans of Berserk that are hoping that the series will one day return to either the small and/or silver screen.


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