Opinion: ‘RINO hunting’ candidate from Missouri should be disqualified from service

This image from video from a campaign ad by Eric Greitens for U.S. Senate, shows Eric Greitens, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri, in a campaign video ad that shows him brandishing a long gun and declaring that he’s hunting RINOs, or Republicans In Name Only.
(Uncredited / Associated Press)

Eric Greitens said Republican voters should get a “RINO hunting permit.”

Re “Facebook removes GOP Senate candidate’s ‘RINO hunting’ video” (June 20): So, a political figure, an apparent radical conservative, running for office in Missouri as a Republican, has suggested using a gun is an appropriate way of dealing with political opponents by running an ad suggesting that teams of armed citizens from the ranks of Republican voters should get a “RINO hunting permit.”

A new low and alarming turn of events. This candidate should be arrested for sedition and thrown out of the election he so deplorably craves. I will not mention his name because I do not want to give him the satisfaction of getting any name recognition in his campaign.

Ron Peterka

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If Eric Greitens wants to hunt RINOs, he should look no further than the former president. He was a liberal New York Democrat (who supported a woman’s right to choose) until he changed parties just so he could run for president.


Robert Russakoff
University City