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NBA Fans Aren't Happy With ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski Tonight

It wouldn't be a sports draft without fans being mad at the insiders. 

The NBA Draft is taking place on Thursday night and ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski has been leaking the picks before they get announced on television. 

That's made the fans mad because it takes away from the suspense of hearing the pick for the first time on TV.

"Can someone tell ESPN we don't need Woj to tell us who a team is going to draft 10 seconds before they get drafted?" one fan asked.

"Woj is an excellent reporter but he can drive people nuts," another fan said.

"I wish Woj would not tweet who's getting drafted before Adam Silver announces the selection. It's very annoying."

Fans that are on social media for the NBA Draft may have to stay off of it until the event is over. 

Wojnarowski doesn't seem interested in stopping what he's doing.